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Online Payment

Pay your shipment online with PayCargo

You can pay your shipment via PayCargo platform with the following instructions

Step 1 - Select Vendor Country

Select The Vendor Country to be US - United States

Payment Step 1
Step 2 - Select Vendor

Type in vendor name Pyramids freight services USA then select it from the list

Payment Step 1
Step 3 - Transaction Details

Select your Transaction Type then Add your Invoice Number/Shipment Code based on your Transaction Type selection then add the Payment Amount in USD
You can add extra Note with your payment if needed.

Payment Step 1
Step 4 - Payer Details

Type in your First Name,Last Name, Company Name, Email and Phone Number
Please make sure that the input information is correct.

Payment Step 1
Step 5 - Payment

Type in your Card information, to proceed with your payment.
After Payment confirmation an email will be sent to you with your payment details.

Payment Step 1
Proceed Your Payment